The brothers Cavalera are back at work. Cavalera Conspiracy have been putting the final touches on their upcoming album 'Pandemonium' and they're ready to share a new song called 'Bonzai Kamikaze' here at Loudwire for the exclusive North American premiere (listen below).

Max Cavalera tells us, "This song is about the Japanese pilots and their fervor to commit suicide for their country." As you can expect, the song is heavy with aggressive pummeling guitar work and frenetic drumming from Cavalera's brother Igor.

Cavalera Conspiracy have been in the studio with producer John Gray working toward the new album. Earlier this year, Max Cavalera told us earlier this year that they were considering calling the album 'F--- That Groove' because it was all fast and brutal. "I made my brother sweat," said Max of putting Igor Cavalera to the test. "It's like trying to make him play fast like he's 15-years-old … You're gonna play fast the whole time and every time he was in a groove, I'd say, 'F#ck the groove, get out of the groove and go back to fast."

'Bonzai Kamikaze' will be featured on the 'Pandemonium' album, which is due for release Nov. 4 on Napalm Records. Pre-order details will be announced shortly.

Cavalera Conspiracy, 'Bonzai Kamikaze'