Hard rock quartet Cavo gut out a sound that’s three parts hard rock braun and one part alternative pop zing. On Cavo’s latest full-length, ‘Thick as Thieves,’ the St. Louis, Mo.-based band has a little bit of everything for the active rock crowd, from the raspy, neo-grunge crunch of 'Celebrity' to the anthemic feel of 'Never Gonna Hurt.'

Title track and album opener 'Thick as Thieves' is certainly a standout on the album, offering a dash of everything for the modern rock aficionado, from the meaty, broad guitars of the song’s introduction to singer Casey Walker’s emotional lyrics. His opening words grab the listener with his first breaths. “We are the left behind / Lost on the roads you followed / We are the compromise / We’ve opened up our eyes / Fight the hand that feeds you lies!”

Cavo also pull out the ballad card on the album with a track called 'Southern Smile,' a love song of sorts that shows their softer side.

'Celebrity,' the album’s second single, shoots off with Brian Smith's deep, growling bass line and Chad La Roy's thick rhythms before Walker whispers opening lines describing the pressure of living up to the title “rock star”: “Washed up, strong out, living in a blackout / World spinning out of control / Face down, passed out, never going to be enough / just another part of the show… “ The verse builds until Chris Hobbs' guitars blast into the chorus and Walker calls out, “So, where’s your celebrity now? So lost without you! Where’s your celebrity now? So out of control!”

'Thick as Thieves' shows that Cavo can pull together a collection of  songs that stand strong, with lots of melody and enough force to make it rock hard. Overall, the album offers a nice step up in the band's musical trajectory.

4 Stars