Cavo prove that they're all about having fun with their new video for the single ‘Thick as Thieves’ from their upcoming album of the same name.

The video features creative high and low camera angles of the band rocking out on the roof of a building. It also includes behind the scenes clips of a day in the life of the band.

Not only is Cavo’s ‘Thick as Thieves’ single infectious but the smiling band members and the entire ambiance throughout the video is contagious, as well.

Back in 2009, Cavo had much success with the hit ‘Champagne’ off the album ‘Bright Night Dark Days.’

For the new disc, 'Thick as Thieves,' which drops Feb. 28, 2012, via Eleven Seven Music, Cavo are letting their fans design the album art. On their official site, it states, “Our fans are everything to us, and what better way to show that than to have all of you help us design our upcoming album cover!” For more information go here.

Watch the Cavo ‘Thick as Thieves’ Video