After Anthrax stormed back with Worship Music in 2011, fans had to endure another lengthy wait before the New York thrash vets dropped For All Kings early last year. Hopefully the gap between albums won't be as long this time around as drummer Charlie Benante has already begun working on the next Anthrax record.

While speaking with Milwaukee, Wisconsin's 102.9 The Hog (audio below), Benante was asked if he's started writing new Anthrax material. The drummer responded, "Actually, I have. I've sent some stuff to the guys and Scott [Ian] was really supercharged and he was excited. I'm just going to continue. I like getting that type of feedback. It just helps for me to get inspired. I know I'm on the right path. I like to have about six to eight songs that are real Anthrax type of songs. Then I can go a little left field, the other way, and try something else. But I like to have that solid foundation."

The skinsman also discussed the band's intentions on releasing a 30th anniversary edition of State of Euphoria next year. "I just spent basically a whole year putting together that package that's going to come out next year, which is going to be the State of Euphoria deluxe edition. And, really, after listening to it again and again and again, I've discovered things about it and, of course, there was a time and a place and we all lived it, but, the reason why we were a bit unhappy with it was just that we felt we were so rushed," he said.

"If that album maybe had a little bit more time, I think we would have done a few things differently here and there. That's all," Benante continued. "The second disc that will be on that will show you the evolution of the songs, from actual just guitar riffs, to rehearsal, to tracking, to actual song." The drummer also said "Yup, that's possible," when asked if Anthrax will tour for the album's anniversary.

Charlie Benante has been nominated for Best Drummer in the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards. Fans can cast their votes here and the winner will be announced live on Oct. 24 at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards ceremony and concert in Los Angeles with performances from Anthrax, Rob Halford, Halestorm, Nothing More, Body Count, Starset, Power Trip and more. For tickets and more information, head to this location.

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