Over the last nearly 15 years, Children of Bodom's efforts have taken them further away from the hyper-shred neoclassical explorations found on their early and classic material. With rhythm more at the forefront since 2005's Are You Dead Yet?, the technical guitar work of old hasn't been primarily in focus, though it appears that's about to change on Bodom's forthcoming 10th studio album.

Speaking with TNT Radio Rock (video below), bassist Henkka T. Blacksmith compared the new material with the band's last record, 2015's I Worship Chaos. "This is always difficult for me. It's really, really hard for me to say. It's very Children of Bodom, but there's always something new," he began before divulging just what that something is.

"I think maybe the one feature that I haven't heard in a while is more technical riffing, guitar riffing, where Alexi [Laiho] is pushing his abilities to their limits," the bassist explained, going on, "So, I think that kind of stuff, and once Alexi compared this a little bit to the feeling Follow the Reaper had. I'm not sure, but in those basic riffs, there's something to that."

The new record will be the first to feature guitarist Daniel Freyberg, who was recruited in 2016 to replace Roope Latvala, who was dismissed in 2015 after 12 years of service. Latvala said he felt "stabbed in the back" by his former band members and that he was fired with no explanation.

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