Last month it was revealed that the long hibernating  were awakening and ready to record new material. The band, which includes Chino Moreno (Deftones), Todd Wilkinson and others, has invited fans to join them for an Oct. 17 and 18 recording session/performance in Woodstock, N.Y. Now Wilkinson is giving more details about the album.

In a new interview, he says, "Chuck [X] and I have been writing and playing together for a couple years at his house in Laurel Canyon. Chino has been a part of it. So has our friend Gil Sharone (Marilyn Manson, Stolen Babies). We actually performed at a trade show thing. It was Chuck, Chino, Gil and me. And Chino’s son Kobe played keys. I love that kid. At some point, [DJ] Crook sent us a few beats and we all got super excited. We were going to call it something else, but then it just seemed natural to call it Team Sleep."

Wilkinson continues, "I hadn’t seen Zach (Hill) for a long time, but when the opportunity came to do the Woodstock Session, he was just moving back to Sacramento. He was staying with a friend across the street from me and we kept running into each other. He said he wanted to play; the songs with Crook and Chuck were coming together and it all just seemed like the right time."

"I guess the story is that we are super excited to be in the same room together," Wilkinson says. "I love all of these dudes, and it’s a cool way to bring TS back. We still have a ton of stuff with Gil and more on deck with Crook. We’re planning a lot of different things with rotating lineups, but I’m very glad to bring it back with the original guys."

Team Sleep have launched a Pledge Music campaign to fund the album. "I like the fact that Pledge allows us to connect directly to people like what we do," Wilkinson says. "We are able to eliminate a lot of people on the business and marketing side and be more flexible with the people we choose to work with."