Clive Burr may not have an overwhelming catalog to draw from like other drummers in this competition, but his work on the first three Iron Maiden albums have made a long-lasting impact. Burr was a madman behind the kit, sending his limbs flying across it on songs like ‘Genghis Khan’ and ‘Gangland.’ He drew heavily from fast ‘70s rock drumming and sped things up considerably. His dynamic drumming helped to give Iron Maiden their raw attitude in the Paul Di’Anno years before laying down his masterful work with Bruce Dickinson and Co. on ‘Number of the Beast.’ Sadly, Burr passed away earlier this year.

Mikkey Dee has a similar playing style to Clive Burr, especially when it comes to clobbering the ride cymbal. Dee cut his teeth on the first three King Diamond albums, providing the backbone that perfectly complimented the haunting atmosphere to the nightmare storylines. After departing from King Diamond, he joined outlaw stalwarts Motörhead in 1992 and has been with the band ever since. With Motörhead, Dee is free to realize his ‘70s influences and bash away at his kit. Lemmy Kilmister even proclaimed that Mikkey Dee is the greatest drummer in the world.

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