Metalcore legends Converge have announced their new album The Dusk In Us, due out Nov. 3 on Epitaph and Deathwish. In addition, the group has also released their newest single, "Under Duress" which you can listen to above.

The song brings the melodic chaos Converge is known for, going in between distorted, in-your-face riffage with quick breaths of melody. Few bands can do what Converge does, iterating upon their sound they brought back in 1990, keeping many of their original elements and essence while simultaneously imbuing it with new ideas and sounds. Kurt Ballou's production work is also at the top of its game, bringing a real crunch to everything happening, giving Jacob Bannon a great platform to scream his throat out.

Just last June, Converge unleashed a new hailstorm of fury and fire with two new songs and a video for "I Can Tell You About Pain." The Dusk in Us marks the first full-length from the group since their 2012 wrecker of an album, All We Love We Leave Behind. If the new music they've unleashed is any indication, The Dusk In Us is sure to leave a meteoric mark in heavy music as a whole as they've done in the past.

Listen to "Under Duress" above, and pre-order the album from Epitaph. You can check out the artwork and tracklisting below.

Converge, The Dusk in Us


The Dusk In Us Tracklist

1. A Single Tear
2. Eye of the Quarrel
3. Under Duress
4. Arkhipov Calm
5. I Can Tell You About Pain
6. The Dusk in Us
7. Wildlife
8. Murk & Marrow
9. Trigger
10. Broken by Light
11. Cannibals
12. Thousands of Miles Between Us
13. Reptilian

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