Courtney Love has long held the rights to much of the Kurt Cobain estate -- or so we thought -- a new report says that the unpredictably outspoken singer has lost the rights to her late husband's image to their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Anyone who's ever bothered to listen to or read Courtney Love's rants about being screwed out of her slice of the Nirvana/Cobain royalty pie, knows that the Hole frontwoman owns a great deal of the rights to her iconic late husband's estate. Love has famously lashed out at nearly all use of said properties, from Kurt's likeness appearing in the video game 'Guitar Hero 5' to the recent use of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in 'The Muppets' recent film incarnation.

Now it appears that the Love is losing her grip on some of those rights -- The Fix reports that Frances Bean Cobain has obtained the rights to her father's name, likeness and appearance, which were previously held by her mother. Love reportedly agreed to turn over her rights as far back as 2010, in exchange for a $2.75-million loan from Frances Bean's trust fund. Until Love makes good on the debt, her rights to Cobain's image are non-existent.

The report also claims that Love has no control over the usage of Nirvana's music -- those rights belong to Primary Wave. The same company Courtney lashed out at during a recent Twitter tirade for not consulting with her over 'The Muppets' ordeal -- which legally, they were not required to do.

Love's chances at regaining her rights to Cobain's image may prove easier than repairing the frayed relationship with her daughter though. Love lost custody of Frances Bean in 2009 and recently propagated a rumor that Dave Grohl made sexual advances toward the now 19-year old. Frances dismissed that accusation via Twitter and called for her mother to be banned from the social networking site.