Courtney Love is no stranger to courting controversy and she uses that image perfectly in a new ad for NJOY electronic cigarettes.

The ad begins in what appears to be a ballroom at an upper-class event. An elder woman meets with a younger attendee who nods in Love's direction with a disapproving gaze. The elder woman, who appears to be in charge of the event, then moves toward Love, who is staring outside a window while smoking.

The woman taps Love on the shoulder and looks down at the Hole singer as she declares, "You know, you can't SMOKE in here." Love responds in kind, telling the woman, "Relax … It's a f---ing NJOY," as she walks away having put her adversary in her place. The commercial closes with the strains of Hole's 'Celebrity Skin' as the woman now tentatively puts her own electronic cigarette between her lips and tries it for the first time.

The NJOY new media campaign was reportedly inspired by one of Love's real-life experiences, showing that smokers now have the option to take a "puff" indoors without disturbing others.

Watch Courtney Love's 'NJOY Electronic Cigarette' Commercial