Although their relationship has been rocky and very much in the public eye, Courtney Love and her estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain are communicating again. Of course, most of the dialogue is coming courtesy of Love, but hey, at least it's a start.

Love and Cobain exchanged brief pleasantries on Christmas, which isn't a surprise, since most people, especially those at odds, tend to put their differences aside during the holiday season ... even if its just momentarily.

Love reached out first on Twitter, and Frances Bean offered a short reply, calling her mother "kooksmcgee," which led to a longer correspondence from the troubled mother.

Love, who spends a lot of time online, then commented on a Facebook post by the Everyone Loves Our Town blog about the Seattle scene, talking about her disdain for former Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Her post is littered with typos, cuss words and lacks punctuation, but the gist is that she and Frances Bean are emailing.

Below is her unedited post, which also references drug use and Kurt Cobain's stomach problems.

 i just dont like the unkindness here i dont think its look i know what kirst and dave did, look uop who owns the seattle weekly itll say krist but its part iof nirvanan inc its a couokd 100 MILLION dollars that frances and i dont get and illegal as hell i might if i can do it and find it in all my photos post it and tag you so you can see some of it for yourself. but the point is that im telling the truth so why are you guys calling me “crazy” all the time it hurts my feelings and its not true, my spellings s--tty and i wanst all that well until i quit adderall but frances and me are emailing and she didnt even know about the restatinign order she was rightfullly mad at me for trying to protct us by finding the money and allowing people into my lifer that took her dads money, i dont blame her, for being angry with me, but she isnt anymore so please stop it, it really hurts my feelings a lot. i know you guys dont even factor kurts stomach into his death but you didnt see how much pain he was in how people didnt believe him, the whole thing just makes me f---ing sad.

And when she's not trolling the Internet or using it to reconnect with her only offspring, she is staging impromptu acoustic performances in New York City, which took place at the Electric Room on Dec. 29. She also reportedly hit up the Jane's Addiction show at Terminal 5.