There's been a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding the new HBO documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. The latest news on the film involves a loving mother-daughter moment where Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain shed tears together while watching the documentary. Additionally, it's been revealed that a sex tape of Kurt and Courtney was found by film director Brett Morgan.

According to Billboard, Courtney Love spoke about Montage of Heck during a Q&A at a Tribeca Film Festival screening, remaining misty-eyed during the conversation. By this point (April 20), Love had seen the full film a total of four times. Upon seeing Montage of Heck for the fourth time, Love was riddled with guilt, wondering her there was anything she could have done to prevent the Nirvana frontman's 1994 suicide.

The film obviously stirred up a menagerie of feelings within Love, which is thanks in part to Brett Morgan's complete freedom to rummage through Love and Cobain's personal possessions. Morgan found a piece of audio where Cobain discussed his first attempt at suicide, along with some very intimate footage between Mr. and Mrs. Cobain.

"Somehow Brett found the sex tape," Love says with a smile. "Everyone makes one sex tape once in their lives." Adding an extra twist to the story, it was actually Hole guitarist and former boyfriend to Love, Eric Erlandson, who shot some risqué footage of Kurt and Courtney. "Eric would come over to our house and shoot really intimate stuff with me and Kurt," she told the Tribeca Film Festival crowd. "That's just the way Eric is. Let's move on."

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck will premiere on HBO on May 4, and according to Courtney Love, the film is "as close to the truth as anyone's going to get."

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