With the upcoming Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary, there's a lot of renewed interest in the singer's music, but one track that's been floating around for the past month is reportedly a fake. Courtney Love is none too happy about a song called "Flaccid Bone" that's been circulating online purporting to be a leaked track from her computer. The song, which is listed on YouTube with the misspelling 'Flacid Bone' can be heard above.

The person who posted the song stated, "I hacked this off Courtney. I would like to remain anonymous. She said this came from the early '90s recording sessions. Supposedly Kurt hated it and canned it. I mean no disrespect to Kurt, but this is coming out eventually. He hated several of his songs anyway!"

According to TMZ, Love has adamantly claimed the song is a fake, speaking with an unnamed Nirvana member just to make sure. She also claims that she never had the song in question and was never hacked, which would make the story posted with the track also a fake.

Her lawyer Richard Dongell told TMZ that Love is so ticked off by the phony recording that she's working with law enforcement to track down the imposter. Consequence of Sound adds that Love is planning to take legal action once the person is tracked down. The song in question can be heard above.

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