New information keeps coming out on the plight of Creed singer Scott Stapp, who recently told fans via a video testimonial that he's "penniless" and has been living in his truck on and off for the past several weeks. Now, a new report by TMZ reveals that Stapp was placed on 72-hour psych hold, among other startling revelations.

According to TMZ, a report by the Madison County Florida Sheriff's Department claims that Stapp was found on the side of a road on Nov. 13, appearing incoherent and wasted. He was apparently afraid that someone was going to poison him.

Meanwhile, in addition to filing for divorce, Scott's wife Jaclyn has filed more legal papers claiming the singer apparently left a message with the dean of his kid's school on Nov. 10, insisting that the school was about to become a target of an ISIS attack. Jaclyn also revealed that Scott threatened to kill both himself and his AA sponsor.

Moreover, additional details on Scott's alleged drug use have also emerged, with his wife claiming that the singer has used steroids, cocaine, PCP, Special K, crystal meth, marijuana and prescription drugs.

However, Jaclyn has apparently withdrawn a request to have Scott locked up, as she is now trying to reason with him directly.

As mentioned, Stapp recently posted a 15-minute video testimonial detailing his recent troubles, claiming he's "completely penniless" and that his bank accounts have been frozen.

Stay tuned for more news on Scott Stapp as new information is revealed.

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