For those unfamiliar with Swedish all-female rock band Crucified Barbara, the band is an absolute powerhouse. Crucified Barbara's fourth studio album, 'In the Red,' won't come out until Aug. 20, but it's easy to hear why the group was so eager to release the track 'To Kill a Man' exclusively here on Loudwire.

Formed in 1998, Crucified Barbara have been steadily growing a worldwide fan base for over 15 years. Made up of frontwoman Mia Coldheart, guitarist Klara Force, bassist Ida Evileye and drummer Nicki Wicked, Crucified Barbara boast a great mass of talent when it comes to both songwriting and instrumental prowess.

'To Kill a Man' is a dirty, dirty rock track. Its raw nature is refreshing, not meant to be polished or brightened for the sake of easy listening. The tune is also catchy as hell and focuses on some very serious issues, especially from a woman's standpoint. "We and many of us feel a huge impotence and rage when we hear and read about men who systematically abuse and rape women," say Crucified Barbara of the track. "This type of crime is something that happens every day, everywhere. Of anger, we create music. Heavy substances and harsh riffs became the song 'To Kill a Man,' a really heavy song in a double sense."

These ladies are the real deal, and the anger explained above is front-and-center in 'To Kill a Man.' Check the new track out for yourself in the player below and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for 'In the Red' coming this August.

Crucified Barbara, 'To Kill A Man'