Swedish hard rock / heavy metal act Crucified Barbara have been making waves since forming in 1998. Already having been around for 14 years (now 15 years), Crucified Barbara released their third studio album, 'The Midnight Chase' in July 2012. Although the album has past its first birthday, Crucified Barbara just revealed a new music video for 'The Crucifier,' premiering right here at Loudwire.

Crucified Barbara are unique in that the band is made up of all female musicians: Mia Coldheart on vocals / guitar, Klara Force on guitar, Ida Evileye on bass and Nicki Wicked behind the drums. Billed as a group where Motorhead meets the Runaways, Crucified Barbara chose their memorable name after spotting a blow-up doll (generically known as 'Barbara' in Sweden) attached to a crucifix. Obviously, it must have been fate.

The video for 'The Crucifier' identifies with old-timer horror flicks, first seen in the clip's vintage opening credits. Illuminated in red light for much of the time, Crucified Barbara perform the track while film of a 'Carrie'-like horror tale is inter-spliced throughout the video. Those unfamiliar with the act may be pleasantly surprised by the band's chops, especially from Klara Force's shredding and the powerful gravelly-voiced attack from Mia Coldheart.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Crucified Barbara's official music video for 'The Crucifier' above, and be sure to pick up the band's latest album, 'The Midnight Chase,' at iTunes.