With cryptocurrency experiencing another bull run this week, a bunch of folks on the Etherium blockchain teamed up to donate over $85,000 to a talented rock guitarist.

Cameron Ferguson was a new Twitch streamer, playing covers of Pink Floyd, Nirvana, the Eagles, the Beatles and more for an audience of exactly zero people. Ferguson only had seven Twitch subscribers when he was discovered by Twitter user @CryptoCobain and @UpOnlyTV. Once hundreds of viewers began flocking to Ferguson’s stream, CryptoCobain set him up with a Twitter and Blockfolio account, leading to a massive amount of donations.

At one point in Ferguson’s stream, he suddenly had $17,000 in his account. The moment was caught and reuploaded, immortalizing the musician’s shock and awe:

After a marathon five-hour stream, Ferguson racked up over $85,000. “Thank u thank u THANK YOU! @UpOnlyTV and everyone who joined in for 1 of the craziest nights of my life,” he tweeted. “This being my first tweet ever, I sincerely hope this thank u reaches everyone who tuned in tonight. If I don’t get back 2 u, apologies, I’m overwhelmed. Thank you!”

Ferguson’s wife is “cautiously optimistic” about the donations, but with coins like DOGE exploding to ridiculous numbers this week, Ferguson likely won’t be the last to receive blessings from crypto whales. [via Barstool Sports]

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