Dark Funeral frontman Heljarmadr will be missing some time from the road. The musician, who is also touring as a solo artist, has revealed that he will miss his two upcoming solo shows in Athens, Greece and Stockholm, Sweden, after being hospitalized with "pretty severe thrombosis."

Per John Hopkins Medicine, thrombosis occurs when blood clots block veins or arteries and can result in pain and swelling in the legs, chest pain or the numbing of the side of the body.

Heljarmadr issued a statement about his current health and the immediate impact upon his touring below. It reads as follows:

Who wants to live forever? I've just returned from a really close conversation with Death himself but I'm not dead or dying yet. I suffered from a pretty severe thrombosis (blod clot), luckily I got hospitalized in time and I got the treatment needed to manage my condition, there's also a long term plan in the making for maximum recovery. I'm being well taken care of and have the right people, and family, right here with me. Please respect my privacy.
What I need to tell you though, and this is the reason I feel obligated to make this ordeal public, is that I will not be able to perform on two of my upcoming shows and for that I am very frustrated. We don't know exactly how extensive this will be, but as of now I will definitely not be able to do the Grá shows in Athens (Jan 26) and Stockholm (Feb 3). I am not allowed to by the medical team that is taking care of me, as it could put my health at risk. However! The shows WILL be executed by the rest of the band and Niklas will step in on double duty with guitar and vocals so the gigs are NOT cancelled. I do encourage you all to go and enjoy them, you are being given a unique performance and by doing so, you support Grá and you also support me.
Regarding future shows, me and my medical team are certain that I will be fully recovered in time and to fulfill everything else that is on my schedule.
Thank you for understanding and I will tell you more when I can. Right now this is all there is to be said and I need time to rest to recover, thanks for your time. /Heljarmadr

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The shows impacted are the Jan. 26 date for Heljarmadr at Temple in Athens, Greece and the Feb. 3 show at Kollektivet Livet Bar & Scen in Stockholm, Sweden. The musician has a mix of dates between his solo work and with Dark Funeral for the rest of the year and at present those remain unaffected. You can see the musician's dates here.

We at Loudwire send along our best wishes for a healthy recovery.

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