The Foo Fighters are quite the live entertainers. From playing their biggest hits to having drummer Taylor Hawkins jump from the drum riser to sing a Queen song with Luke Spiller of The Struts, they truly know how to keep the audience engaged. During their set this past weekend at Sonic Temple Festival, Dave Grohl took it a step further. He proved he was quite the jokester as he mocked death growls and backing tracks. Watch in the video clip above.

"It would be a shame to have him sitting there all night long playing the drums. So let's have Taylor Hawkins come down and play a fucking song," Grohl says. As Hawkins was preparing to come to the front of the stage to sing, Grohl responded to a heckler in the crowd, and fired indirect shots at bands who growl and use backing tracks during their performances.

"Oh I'm sorry, am I taking too long for you?" he mocks. "Would you rather I (growls intelligibly)? Play to a bunch of fucking backing tracks and go [growls]? No," he jokes. See a full video below.

The band then broke out into the Queen classic "Under Pressure" with a duet between Hawkins and Spiller, and Grohl on the drums. Talk about nostalgia for Nirvana fans.

Grohl later implemented his growling techniques into the final chorus of "Monkey Wrench," and the crowd was laughing in hysterics.

Foo Fighters's next U.S. performance is in September at Bourbon and Beyond Festival in Louisville, Ky.

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