After decades of fans saying, "Oh, it'll never happen,' Glenn Danzig reunited with Jerry Only and the Misfits for a pair of 2016 Riot Fest performances. The band enlisted former Slayer skinsman Dave Lombardo to anchor the group behind the kit and now the big question on everyone's mind is if the band will write and record new material together. While he's admittedly "a hired gun," Lombardo offered his thoughts on the possibility of new Misfits music.

"Honestly… I'm gonna be brutally honest here. I would suggest for them to tour as much as they can off those original records, because there's some serious magic in those melodies and that songwriting," the drummer said on the MetalSucks Podcast when asked if the Misfits could write new music that lives up to their legendary past.

"I don't know if… With the growth of each musician in that band, their method of songwriting has evolved. So I don't know if that… Unless they maybe bring in a producer that hones them and dials them into… says, 'No, the song is too long now. We're over two minutes. The song's too long. That can't be.' Maybe it can work. But I honestly… Hey, the Misfits are the Misfits. They can do what they want. I'm a hired gun and I'll just stay back. And if they want to record, I'm there," added Lombardo.

If new Misfits material did come to fruition, it would be the first time Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only recorded together since 1983 when they released Earth A.D. The Static Age album arrived as a standalone release in 1997, but was recorded back in 1978, pre-dating the Walk Among Us debut by four years.

The current lineup of the band consists of Danzig, Only, guitarists Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Acey Slade as well as Lombardo. The punk icons recently announced their only 2017 concert, which will take place on Dec. 30 in Los Angeles at The Forum. The Misfits have tapped Alkaline Trio and crust punks Discharge as the show's openers.

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