A man who gained notoriety several years ago for impersonating Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth is back in the news and facing much more serious charges than impersonation. David Kuntz-Angel has been denied bail in relation to a dozen sex crime charges with underage girls going back as far as 2006.

According to the Agassiz-Harrison Observer, the 52 year-old Chilliwack, British Columbia man was denied bail last Friday (Jan. 19) at a hearing following his arrest earlier this month. Kuntz-Angel is also facing criminal breach charges and one count of willfully resisting arrest related to his capture, which came after he had been on the run from authorities for months.

The list of allegations against Kuntz-Angel include an invitation to sexually touching a person under 14 in Chilliwack from 2006, and invitation to sexually touching a person under 16 in Chilliwack and nearby Hope from 2008. He is also accused of one count of touching a young person for a sexual purpose in Chilliwack in 2013, sexual assault in Vernon, British Columbia in 2014, sexual assault in Chilliwack and Hope in 2016, and “procuring” in Vernon in November 2016. In addition, he faces one count of assault from Vernon in 2016, one count of assault causing bodily harm in Chilliwack on 2016, and one count of uttering threats in Chilliwack in 2017.

During the bail hearing, Crown counsel Sandra Di Curzio referenced Kuntz-Angel's past impersonations as one of the reasons for denying bail, noting, “If this is a person who goes by multiple names, how is he going to be monitored in the community? He goes by David Lee Roth.”

Kuntz-Angel made headlines in 2008 when he was pulled over by police in Ontario for speeding. He identified himself as Roth and said he was trying to get to a hospital because he was suffering from an allergic reaction to nuts. The reports were so widespread that Roth was forced to issue a statement which said that while he had been in Canada around that time period, "I had no encounters or incidents with the police. The only thing I’m allergic to is criticism.”

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