With all the rumors swirling regarding the recent postponement of over 30 Van Halen tour dates, someone from the band is finally speaking out on the subject to comment on the true impetus behind the change in schedule.

In a newly released video, David Lee Roth donning overalls, a plaid shirt and accompanied by his adorable dog Russell, checks in from the woods “just north of Minneapolis.”

Roth starts off by crushing the rumors that the band isn’t getting along, saying, “the band is getting along famously, better than we have in quite some time, and I think the shows reveal that through the miracle of YouTube.” He also said they’re having a hell of a time on tour and that it translates into the music.

“As usual we bit off more than we can chew when it came to scheduling. The band is winning but our schedule has been sidelined for unnecessary roughness,” explains Roth with his signature flair. “If we continue past July 4 and all the way into Australia and Japan then we’re asking for the robot zombie tour.” Roth admitted they are nowhere near that point just yet but they are going to take a break to avoid reaching that stage of exhaustion.

He said they plan to come back around, and the tour is scheduled for a two year run. So Diamond Dave assures everyone, “Stay tuned, and we’ll see you down the road in just a little bit.”

Watch David Lee Roth's Video Regarding the Postponed Tour Dates