David Lee Roth has released a new song called "Pointing At The Moon" and you can watch the music video that features his artwork below. Roth released the song on July 9.

The former Van Halen singer's music video for his new single features a piece of his artwork that has the same name, "Pointing At The Moon." Roth's website displays a ton of his artwork, which many of his fans hope he'll sell one day. He's always been into art and was always a part of making Van Halen's shows "look like the music sounds," according to Van Halen News Desk.

"Pointing At The Moon" is a slow song with no other instruments except for the piano and an acoustic guitar, which you can listen to below.

Some reactions to the ballad on David Lee Roth's YouTube include "Love this Dave. All the little quotes and references we've all heard from you in the past...was sweet to hear again" and "Definitely the style of song the world needs now. Something laid back and calm. a 'take a deep breath and relax' song." and "such a great, heartfelt tune Dave. Really nice, man" and "you always leave us wanting more, DLR. You are solid gold."

The song marks the first music he's released since The Roth Project in 2020, which is an immersive comic book that features five songs co-written with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5.

According to an interview with Darren Patrowitz on Patrocast With Darren Patrowitz, John 5 says that there's a song that he just can't wait for Dave to release and here's why. "It's called 'Nothing Could Have Stopped Us' and it's about Van Halen. It's my favorite song that I've ever done with Dave, and it is beautiful. I don't know why he's not reading that one yet. And I just can't wait for people to hear that one. 'Cause it's about Van Halen. It's just ABSOLUTLEY wonderful."

"Pointing At The Moon" - David Lee Roth

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