Get ready to experience Dayshell, the up-and-coming band featuring former Of Mice & Men bassist/guitarist Shayley "Dayshell" Bourget. The group is teaming up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the new video for their song "Car Sick."

In the clip, the viewer is taken into what appears to be a dicey situation, as a young man nervously exits a vehicle, enters a dimly lit room with a flickering light and two shady characters and is given a case to open, but his reaction after opening the case is hysterical laughing. What's in the case? How did he come to be in this situation? That's left up to your interpretation. But the video narrative seems to fit the song's lyrical chorus, "I'm feeling car sick / Don't want to roll with it / I'm on the passenger side, scream out."

Bourget tells us, "We all really enjoyed getting to work with a prestigious director such as Orie [McGinness]. He captured the essence of what we wanted to portray for the metaphor of 'Car Sick.' The song itself is about a lack of control around substances that are easily abused. Orie wrote a stellar treatment that coincided with that metaphor extremely well. Getting to work with Orie on set was incredible; he was extremely focused and eager to make a vision come to life. He knew what he wanted. He shaped all of our parts in the video and brought out the inner actor in all of us. It was truly a pleasure getting to work with such a phenomenal person with a solid work ethic.”

The track is heavy on the low end, with prominent bass lines pulsing throughout against a rapidly delivered drum beat and Dayshell's angsty vocals. The song is featured on Dayshell's Nexus album, which arrives in stores and online Oct. 7 via Spinefarm. You can pre-order the disc via Merch Now and iTunes.

Dayshell are currently in the midst of a tour with I the Mighty, Artifex Pereo and Picturesque. The remaining dates on the run can be seen below.

Dayshell Tour Dates

10/7 — Houston, Texas | Walters
10/8 — San Antonio, Texas | Jack’s Patio Bar
10/9 — Dallas, Texas | Sons of Hermann Hall
10/11 — Albuquerque, N.M. | Launchpad AD
10/12 — Phoenix, Ariz. | Pub Rock
10/13 — San Diego, Calif. | The Irenic
10/14 — Anaheim, Calif. | Chain Reaction
10/15 — San Francisco, Calif. | Bottom of the Hill


Spinefarm Records
Spinefarm Records

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