For more than 20 years, British grind pioneers Napalm Death have been performing Dead Kennedys' "Nazi Punks F--- Off" live in concert. The track is a well-known staple at any Napalm Death show, but for a crowd of lucky fans in Oakland, Calif., original Dead Kennedys vocalist Jello Biafra joined Napalm onstage to perform the anti-racist anthem.

Since adopting "Nazi Punks F--- Off" into their setlist, Napalm Death have been testing the laws of physics by speeding up the already ultra-fast Dead Kennedys classic. Napalm's version is almost unrecognizable when compared to the original, also due to the monstrous bark of Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway.

When Jello Biafra stepped onto the stage with Napalm Death on Feb. 20, fans must have been wondering which version they'd be treated to. Napalm Death stuck with their light-speed reinvention, and Biafra was easily able to keep up with the frantic pace of Britain's most celebrated grind act.

Jello parted ways with Dead Kennedys in 1986, but there's no rust to be found in Biafra's performance. He has, after all, been jamming the song live with current project Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine. The band released its third studio album, White People and the Damage Done, in 2013.

Watch Jello Biafra crush "Nazi Punks F--- Off" with Napalm Death in the clip above! Napalm Death just released their latest album, Apex Predator - Easy Meat, this year. To grab a copy of the awesome album, click here.