During Napalm Death's Jan. 27 show at Grand Central in Miami, Fla., a brave metalhead proposed to his grind-loving girlfriend onstage. And of course, she said yes. Rumor is the proposal occurred between 'Scum' and 'You Suffer' (we kid, we kid).

Napalm Death are currently making their way around North America on a killer bill with co-headliners Voivod along with Iron Reagan, Black Crown Initiate, Ringworm, Dayglo Abortions, Theories and Phobia. Heavy, heavy, HEAVY!

The Miami gig was actually the first show of the entire tour, and it went off with an extra bang with a marriage proposal. "So is it you, sir?" vocalist Barney Greenway asked as the groom-to-be approached the stage. The loud-barking Napalm Death frontman handed off the mic before the proposer said, "I'll keep this short and sweet. A couple of years ago, this really amazing girl and I made it official here at a Napalm Death show."

He turned his attention to his girlfriend, "It's been the happiest I've ever been, we've moved in together and I dearly love you. Considering we're at a Napalm Death show, I figured this would be the right time to bring this up, to embarrass you a little bit considering this is our version of a romantic evening together. Now I'm going to ask you, Alexa, will you marry me?".

The whole band congratulated the happy couple, though Greenway offered his own opinion on marriage. "Well, how do you follow that? Well, the official line is to say that the traditional institute of marriage is a f---ing sham, after all, but good luck to them all the same. As long as you're doing it for yourselves, that's all that f---ing matters in my mind."

Congrats to the happy (and extremely metal) couple. For Napalm Death's current list of tour dates, click here. To grab a copy of Napalm's awesome new album, 'Apex Predator - Easy Meat,' head to iTunes or visit the band's official merch store.