Death's discography has been gradually undergoing stunning reissues, featuring remasters of the original tapes and a wealth of bonus content with each album. The last to receive the treatment is the band's masterful and genre-defining debut, Scream Bloody Gore, which helped set the new standard for the still malleable death metal style in 1987.

Three discs will accompany the reissue of the album, featuring the remasters of the original tapes by Alan Douches on the first disc, the initial Florida recordings and previously unreleased early rehearsal recordings songs on the second and more rehearsal material on the third (track listing below). Death pumped out over a dozen rehearsal tapes in three years leading up to the release of Scream Bloody Gore as well as numerous live recordings. A taste of the remastered sound can be heard below with the Death classic "Zombie Ritual."

The liner notes will come from frontman Chuck Schuldiner's sole bandmate on the album, drummer Chris Reifert of Autopsy fame, in addition to words from Max Cavalera and original producer Randy Burns. Scream Bloody Gore will be made available in an array of formats including two-CD, limited edition three-CD, LP, deluxe double-LP box set and cassette. The album will be out on May 20 through Relapse and pre-orders are available here.

To further commemorate this release, a limited edition bobblehead (seen below) will be issued in a run of 1,000 by Aggronautix. The figure is a recreation of iconic album artist Ed Repka's cover for Scream Bloody Gore. The bobblehead measure seven inches tall and is packaged in a custom windowed box.

Scream Bloody Gore Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

Disc 1
01. “Infernal Death”
02. “Zombie Ritual”
03. “Denial of Life”
04. “Sacrificial”
05. “Mutilation”
06. “Regurgitated Guts”
07. “Baptized in Blood”
08. “Torn to Pieces”
09. “Evil Dead”
10. “Scream Bloody Gore”
11. “Beyond the Unholy Grave”
12. “Land of No Return”

Disc 2
01. “Torn to Pieces” (Original Florida Session)
02. “Legion of Doom” (Original Florida Session)
03. “Scream Bloody Gore” (Original Florida Session)
04. “Sacrificial” (Original Florida Session)
05. “Mutilation” (Original Florida Session)
06. “Land of No Return” (Original Florida Session)
07. “Baptized in Blood” (Original Florida Session)
08. “Regurgitated Guts” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
09. “Sacrificial” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
10. “Sacrificial” - Take 2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
11. “Torn to Pieces” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
12. “Do You Love Me?” V1 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
13. “Infernal Death” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
14. “Zombie Ritual” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
15. “Beyond the Unholy Grave” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
16. “Do You Love Me?” V2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)
17. “Denial of Life” (Rehearsals 08-20-1986)

Disc 3
01. (Part Of) “Scream Bloody Gore” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
02. “Legion of Doom” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
03. “Beyond the Unholy Grave” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
04. “Scream Bloody Gore” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
05. “Torn to Pieces” (Rehearsals 5/28/86)
06. “Mutilation” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
07. “Torn to Pieces” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
08. “Zombie Ritual” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
09. “Land of No Return” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
10. (Part of) “Evil Dead” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
11. “Baptized in Blood” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
12. “Infernal Death” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
13. “Denial of Life” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)
14. “Death Metal” (Rehearsals 5/26/86)

Death, "Zombie Ritual" Remaster

Death Bobblehead


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