This is the day you've been waiting for, Decapitated fans! After three years, the Polish death metal vets have returned with the follow-up to Blood Mantra, delivering eight new cuts wrapped into the Anticult album, which will be released on July 7 via Nuclear Blast. Get your first taste of what's coming with the new track "Never."

This track continues the new style pursued by Decapitated since their reunion after the tragic bus accident that left the band's drummer Vitek dead and their singer Covan with devastating head injuries. "Never" is a sonic beatdown as mechanized rhythms are propelled by choppy drumming, dipping in its pace when a crawling groove riff takes the wheel.

“One of our [songwriting] goals was to not think too much,” comments guitarist Vogg, brother of the late Vitek. “We said it ourselves, ‘Hey, it’s only music, so let’s not make the writing process torturous.’ If a riff sounds good, then we left it. Also, a lot of the solo parts were taken from first takes, the first ideas I had when jamming on my laptop. We weren’t afraid of leaving things like first takes on the album. I mean, Anticult sounds like Decapitated from the first to the last song, and that, for me, is very cool. It means that we have our own sound and own style.”

The last two offerings from Decapitated were a bit divisive as some fans voiced their concerns over the band's departure from their earlier sound, rooted strictly in technical death metal. Vogg is not denying there's been a change in the Decapitated sound, admitting, “It’s not pure death metal anymore."

The founding guitarist continued, "Right now, Decapitated’s music is a mixture of musical ideas that is really hard to describe. We connected death, thrash, rock ‘n’ roll, even black metal, and atmospheric parts together. All this makes Decapitated unique. I love to listen to all kinds of metal and all kinds of music in general. It will be so hard for me to make a pure death metal album now. And I think it would be a little boring.

Check out the track listing and artwork for Anticult and stretch your neck before listening to "Never" above.

Decapitated, Anticult Track Listing

01. "Impulse"
02. "Deathvaluation"
03. "Kill The Cult"
04. "One-Eyed Nation"
05. "Anger Line"
06. "Earth Scar"
07. "Never"
08. "Amen"

Decapitated, Anticult Album Art

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

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