With some free time in his schedule, Mae guitarist Zach Gehring has started up a new project called Demons and the band is beginning to ramp up promotion for their upcoming debut disc Embrace Wolf by teaming with Loudwire for the exclusive premiere of their new song "Nobody Loves You the Way You Are."

Simply put, it's a banger of a track, with Gehring's guitars and Drew Orton's drums pounding away in unison to give the song a high energy start. With pedal firmly on the metal, the rest of the band, which also includes singer/guitarist Chris Mathews and bassist Jonathan Anderson, kicks in for this attitude-filled track. It's a relentless rocker with Mathews taking the vocal lead with an angsty lament on love.

Gehring tells us, "This song is about chronic short comings despite honest intentions. It takes a critical stance against this rhetoric of the 'unconditional love' and variations on the theme. So, the line in the chorus 'All goals are sliding markers' is there to reflect this idea that we never really reach a point of certainty, or level of comfort because there are always destabilizing forces at work - internal or external. Chris sings the lead on this one."

Speaking about Demons in general, the band's bio states, "The primary motive for how we write, for how we perform, is to evoke or exaggerate some sort of collision." And you definitely get that with the propulsive new track.

"Nobody Loves You the Way You Are" follows on the heels of "Always Your Own," a Queens of Stone Age-tinged rocker that also appears on Demons forthcoming album, Embrace Wolf. The disc is due Dec. 1 via Spartan Records and if you like what you've heard so far, you can pre-order the effort at this location. Stay tuned to the band's Facebook and Instagram pages for future shows and more info in the lead up to their new album.

Demons, "Nobody Loves You the Way You Are"