Here we go, Devin Townsend fans! Back in late January, Hevy Devy put the Devin Townsend Project on hiatus and he's just starting to work on a wealth of new music for a variety of projects.

In a string of tweets, Townsend opened up about the musical road ahead of him, offering some insights into who will be joining him for the new songs. "Nice to be working with my friend [drummer] Morgan [Agren] on a bunch of this material. We sit in a similar place on the beat and we tend to go pretty deep quite quickly. I like his swing," Townsend said in one of the tweets, while later offering that other drummers may become involved at some point as well.

"Lots of talented artists involved in this stuff. It’s an odd phase, but really creative and really personal," says Townsend. "I have about 100 songs in different forms and styles. I’m just going to finish as much of it as budget allows and see what goes where."

According to Townsend, he intends to hire people depending on what the song calls for, and he's also planning to travel to various cities to work with other artists, with the desire to film and document as much of the process as possible.

As for what the new material will be, Townsend offers, "It seems like much of the material calls for different things. Some orchestral, some metal, some rock, some prog, some bizarre, some funky, some pop, some electronic. I want the best people for what that style needs. I know who I’m interested in working with already, it’s all just about scheduling and budget etc. Everyone is busy all the time :) and that’s a good thing." Townsend started the process of working on new music on Monday (March 26). See his string of tweets below.

Upon putting Devin Townsend Project on hiatus, the singer told RSP TV that his new music may not be metal based. "In terms of my relationship to metal, I'm still a fan. I'm just old now, and it's like my desire to fill my world with sound very rarely involves metal," he explained. "You have to be honest with yourself in that sense, too. There's a fair amount of people that do what I do and maybe claim that they're just as interested in the things that they were interested in when they were young and I just don't know many people that have managed to sustain the interest for really aggressive things for as long as I've been doing this." He went on to add that he doesn't dislike metal, but stated that the times that he wants to hear it and play it are much less than they were in his youth.

It is not known exactly what the vehicle for the new music will be. Townsend has spoken in the past about developing The Moth, an orchestral and conceptual piece that started off as a symphony about cocks and vaginas and death. He raised a few eyebrows suggesting that he was seeking $10 million to bring the project to fruition. But the new music could easily be for some other project as well.

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