Odd news: YouTube have apparently realized that they host copy-written material! As the world's largest video hosting and sharing service, YouTube hosts an endless amount of content uploaded by people who have no legal right to do so. YouTube is now ruling with an iron fist against hosting such content, starting with the music of Devin Townshend. Unfortunately, the only issue is that YouTube has been pulling down videos that Townsend himself had posted legally.

According to Tweets sent out by Townsend, some of his videos have been mysteriously vanished from his YouTube account. Along with the videos being taken down, YouTube sent Townsend copyright infringement warnings about posting his own music.

Townsend comically tweeted:


Townsend's solo outfit, The Devin Townsend Project,' just released 'Epicloud' on Sept. 18. The group is currently on the 'Epic Kings & Idols' tour with Katatonia and Paradise Lost. Check out the remaining tour dates here.