Devin Townsend is planning to record his next album in 2021. Going by the musician's recent statements, that means the Empath follow-up will most likely be the soundtrack to a sprawling musical about penises and vaginas called The Moth that Townsend talked about two years ago.

That's what can be surmised from messages the musician posted on Twitter. This week, Townsend revealed the rough timeline for recording the album. Back in August, he indicated that collection would indeed be The Moth, a work the artist initially estimated would cost $10 million to produce. See the tweets down toward the bottom of this post.

"Just finishing the next Eras box set and the Empath ultimate edition before leaving on this first crazy tour," Townsend shared Tuesday (Oct. 29). "This year will be exceptionally colorful in terms of live shows in my world. Tons of different things. Looking forward to recording the next album in 2021. Love this."

Going by the artist's admission two months ago, that means The Moth is probably the next effort he'll be undertaking. "I am planning several different tours, different vibes and experiences, that eventually culminate into Empath in full," he summarized in August. "Then... The Moth."

Two years ago, Townsend explained his overall vision for The Moth while attempting to secure massive funding for the symphony piece that eventually evolved into an idea for a full-fledged musical.

"I'm here at Sony tonight to pitch something I need ten million bucks for!" Townsend told Vice in 2017. "The whole show is a metaphor for sex and power, and the idea of it all being related to some sort of God who's ultimately futile. But it's this symphony with all these cocks and vaginas and death and it's gotta be so over-the-top, with symphonies and choirs and it's got to include the best of the best and it's so fucking expensive!"

Empath was released in March. Last week, Townsend announced a North American tour for 2020 with Haken and the Contortionist as support. Get tickets and more info about the upcoming tour dates here.

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