Here are 10 of the absolute wackiest prog metal albums ever!

By its nature, progressive metal – like progressive rock – is more eccentric than just about any other subgenre. With its over-the-top production, zany instrumentation, long runtimes and grand concepts, it’s frequently deemed too impenetrable and unusual by uninitiated listeners.

So, a record must be really peculiar to exist on the fringes of what’s considered “normal” or “expected” within the prog metal sphere, right?

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Looking at how endearingly ridiculous the 10 LPs listed below can be (for various reasons), the answer is an inarguable “Yes!”

From madcap tales of a world-dominating extraterrestrial and a fiction writer battling his creations, to wholly strange mashups of styles and singing, they’re easily among the wackiest prog metal albums ever!

(Let’s not get bogged down by genre semantics, though. Even if these artists also classify as, say, extreme metal, avant-garde metal and/or tech-death metal, they’re considered progressive metal, too.)

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