The Devin Townsend Project are creeping up on the Sept. 9 release date of their seventh studio effort, Transcendence. With "Failure" and "Secret Sciences" already released for consumption, the band have served up another new track ahead of the record by way of "Stormbending," which can be heard above.

A guitar slide opens up the song before the rest of the band comes crashing in with a thud. Devin Townsend's signature wall of sound production fills every corner of the speaker with lush atmospheres, steadily paced drumming and weighty tones. The song has an airy feel to it, especially when the frontman draws out some of his lines, layering choir elements on top of his voice for even greater effect.

"Stormbending" takes a sharp turn when guitar melodies begin to dominate the track, accented by pointed cymbal work that picks up the tempo. Keeping with this gradual buildup with undulating tension, giving a breathing quality to the track as the inhalations and exhalations are felt.

With three tracks now released, it's clear Townsend has shifted his musical direction into something more positive and less chaotic than in previous efforts, aligning itself more with Ghost than Addicted! or Deconstruction. Transcendence, like every record I’ve done prior, is an extension of what’s been going on in my world, represented in a new batch of songs,” Townsend commented. “I’m 44 years old now, and this is where I have been over the past two years since Z2. The result of this process is a record that I truly think the intention of is special."

The album will be released on Townsend's own label, HevyDevy, and pre-orders can be placed through Inside Out Music's webstore.

The Devin Townsend Project will launch their U.S. tour on the album's release date, Sept 9., in Nashville, Tenn. alongside Between the Buried and Me and Fallujah. For a full list of dates, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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