The Devin Townsend Project recently released Transcendence, an album critics and fans are calling one of the best in Devy's career, from any musical incarnation he's entertained over the years. "Stormbending" is one of the highlight tracks and it just got even better with a music video to visually conjure its thematic message.

Each member of the band is positioned atop rolling hills with a sprawling view of a city below, which is mucking up the natural beauty as factories sending plumes of smoke into the atmosphere. Accelerated clips of clouds traversing the skyline are spliced in with shots of the band, as well as two small children who narrowly serve as a fixture in the video, getting caught up in the madness of the changing landscape.

“'Stormbending' was a song that meant a lot to me while writing and when asked to do a video, I really pushed for it," began Townsend. "I think the idea of it was based around turning the tide of your own perspectives on things. It's very easy to get caught up in the negativity and fear that kind of pervades most things lately and finding ways to fight that away and keep a strong outlook on your own life can be challenging. It's really easy to give in to it all as opposed to consciously working to better your situation," he added about the lyrical theme.

Finishing up his thoughts, the mainman continued, "The video was done by a team of fantastic people in Serbia, and although it's a challenge to be included in ones own videos, we decided to do one that was more performance based and I think it turned out really quite well. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen and thanks to you for listening and supporting if you do :)”

Grab your copy of Transcendence here and keep an eye on the Devin Townsend Project Facebook page for more updates. The band recently wrapped up a U.S. tour with Between the Buried and Me and will be heading to Europe in early 2017.

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