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Devour the Day recently revealed that their next album would be titled S.O.A.R., and now we have more details on the disc as well as a new song.

The band's sophomore set now has an April 1 street date set via Razor & Tie. The group worked on the effort with producer Dan Korneff and they've issued "Lightning in the Sky" as the lead single off the disc.

As you can hear in the player above, "Lightning in the Sky" builds with a driving drum and bass-led beat with melodic verses leading into the crashing crescendo of the chorus. The composing credits list Devour the Day leaders Blake Allison and Joey "Chicago" Walser, along with songwriter/producer Dave Katz and Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano. If you like what you hear, the song is currently available via iTunes.

"Lightning in the Sky" is a solid start for the band's sophomore set, and Joey "Chicago" Walser says the group is in a much more settled place with their second release. "It's like the difference between a superhero's first and second movie. In the first movie, the hero is still getting used to his powers -- fumbling around and slowly understanding his place. By the beginning of the second film, he becomes what he's meant to be. On S.O.A.R., we have become Devour the Day. We have a very firm grasp on who we are and the music we want to make. Even though we've been playing together for so long [Allison and Walser played in the pre-Devour the Day band Egypt Central], it feels like the very beginning of our career." In addition to Allison and Walser, Devour the Day features guitarist David Hoffman and drummer Ronnie Farris.

Get a look at the S.O.A.R. track listing below and the album art featured in this post and pick up the disc when it drops on April 1.

Devour the Day, S.O.A.R. Track Listing

1. "SOAR"
2. "Step Aside"
3. "The Bottom"
4. "Heaven"
5. "Quicksand"
6. "Fake It to Make It"
7. "Lightning in the Sky"
8. "Something Real"
9. "Golden City"
10. "Save Yourself"

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