"Can I get myself back?" That's the question that Devour the Day pose in their video for "The Bottom," a track that takes a deeply personal look at where they've been and how they got where they are today.

The clip opens with a zoomed in shot on a cemetery filled with crosses until we see Devour the Day's founding members Blake Allison and Joey "Chicago" Walser. The striking shot amongst the crosses becomes more powerful with the message, "You lose track of where you're going if you forget where you have been." The two musicians were initially part of Egypt Central and continued their career after that band's split under the moniker Devour the Day, and the video takes us back to some of the key locations and people who have played a role in their lives.

We see where they had their first rehearsal, the man who recorded their first demo, the venue that hosted their first show and the writer who penned their first piece of press. There are also more personal locales, such as the place where someone first tried drugs, cheated on a girlfriend and paid for an abortion. Watch it all play out in the video above.

Joey "Chicago" Walser says, “Honesty. Honesty is what ties this video together. It takes you to Memphis, Tennessee to show our personal stories, the real life events we went through and where they actually happened, where we reached our bottom. Look at our country right now. In so many ways, as we face this election, as we deal with racial tension, as we rebuild from catastrophe, aren’t we all, in some way, torn up? Aren’t we all searching for redemption? Isn’t this what makes us all human?”

"The Bottom" is featured on Devour the Day's latest album, S.O.A.R. The disc is currently available in stores and you can also pick it up via Amazon and iTunes. Devour the Day just wrapped a U.S. tour, and you can keep up to date with their touring at their website.

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