After a major falling out between band members in 2002, Coal Chamber split up the following year, only to reunite again and release a new album last year. While the reunion and subsequent tour sent fans into ecstasy, vocalist Dez Fafara has Coal Chamber clearly in the rear view mirror.

"Coal Chamber right now, Coal Chamber has no place in my life whatsoever at this point," Fafara told Blunt Mag. "Not with DevilDriver firing on all cylinders and where we’re at," he continued. "I’m telling you, if you’ve heard Trust No One, the next subsequent records after this are going to be f--king furious. We’ve kept our signature groove, but we’ve also jumped way away from any people around us. So we’re really defining ourselves at this point, and stepping completely away from the pack."

DevilDriver took three years between Winter Kills and their newest, Trust No One, but the intent wasn't to use the free time to reactivate Coal Chamber. The frontman went on, "The thing is this; I took time off from DevilDriver not to do Coal Chamber. I took time off completely just to take time off. When I took time off, the Coal Chamber guys called me and said, ‘Look, what’s your most important thing?’ I said, ‘I want to eat dinner with my family every night.'"

Noting Fafara has a studio in his home, the members of Coal Chamber asked if he wanted to record a new album, to which he replied, "Cool, okay, I’m just sitting home anyways," going on to state, "I’m not a guy who watches TV. Sure, I’ll make a record and have a good time doing it. Then they were like, ‘Do you want to do some small amount of touring?’ Which we did."

DevilDriver recently wrapped up a headlining tour and are currently out on the road serving as direct support for Hatebreed. For more information on the run, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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