DevilDriver hit hard with their new album Trust No One. While the band has had their fair share of line-up changes over the years, that never seems to stop them from cranking out new music that gratifies their fans.

They certainly pull no punches straight out of the gate with the lead song “Testimony of Truth.” Frontman Dez Fafara paints a desolate scene of his revulsion with his lyrics. Longtime guitarist Mike Spritzer and new guitarist Neal Tiemann’s riffs are multifaceted and hypnotizing throughout.

If “you’re a bad person, bad deeds, bad karma, bad seed,” then you better stay away from Fafara. “Bad Seed” is groovy and dark all at once, a sound synonymous with DevilDriver. The latest single from the album and third track is “My Night Sky.” In a press release, Fafara talks about the lyrical content of the obliterating song:“'My Night Sky'... is about a negative person trying to literally ruin the night as heard by the line, 'you've poisoned the wine and it's my night' ... And instead of turning it around on them, showing them a mirror of themselves as heard in the first line of the verse 'desperate in your sadness so wear black cloth.' Showing that person that it's indeed their own negative thoughts of themselves that are not only ruining the night but in fact their life ....SMACK!” Smack is probably the best word we could use to describe this hard-hitting tune as well.

With a title like Trust No One and the cover showcasing a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the song titled “The Deception” is definitely fitting. It has a fuming, enraged vibe that is similar to some tracks that could be found on their 2011 album, Beast. It’s hard not to be completely blown away by the percussive pandemonium provided by ex-Chimaira drummer Dustin D’Armond.

When you think you may get a break with “Above It All,” it only lasts about 30 seconds until Fafara and the rest of the band completely unleash all hell. They let listeners know they’re all about taking the high road through all the negativity. Next up is “Daybreak," the lead single off of the album. The break down at the three-and-a-half minute mark will have fans lose their minds when they play it live.

The title track “Trust No One” swirls like a tornado, as D’Armond is at it again with manic drum patterns, while Fafara completely spews every lyric with venom. “Feeling Ungodly” is another contagious track filled with animosity. Watch out for the chorus: “Check it out / It’s a charmed life / On the chopping block / I’m gonna live until I die / Check it out /  It’s a charmed life / On the chopping block / You better live until you die.” You’ll be walking down the street with a swagger when it gets stuck in your head.

The album ends with “Retribution” and “For What Its Worth.” Both songs start out slow for a little bit before the hurricane of riffs and double bass hit our eardrums. The last words Fafara sings on the album are, “Be still / This beating heart of mine.” “For What Its Worth” is redemptive and his words are fearless. Despite the album being titled Trust No One, we can always trust that DevilDriver will deliver annihilating heavy music with groove, complexity and lyrics that are poetic, venomous and truthful.

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