Nobody knows groove quite like DevilDriver and Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara, which is why, with the new DevilDriver album 'Dealing With Demons Vol. II' coming up, we invited him to name his all-time favorite groove metal albums.

This years marks the 20th anniversary of the DevilDriver's self-titled debut album, an enduring release that features some of the group's biggest hits in "I Could Care less" and "Meet the Wretched," which are two live staples as well.

Going back to the Coal Chamber days, Fafara has been in the game for over 25 years and represents a mark of consistency when it comes to groove-oriented music. Unlike so many other styles of metal, groove metal is one that doesn't have rigid boundaries and incorporates industrial, death metal, nu-metal, hardcore and a lot more. 

Fafara can explain...

Let’s first discuss, “what is groove metal?”

It’s simple really — just look at the words groove and metal. It’s metal that has a groove feel, meaning it moves you, it makes you want to move with its rhythms. That last sentence is the summation of groove — it’s all within the drums, and then comes the guitar parts syncopated on top to match the drum groove.

Many bands use the groove genre now as it seems popular, but only a percentage of those bands have music that actually is groove inspired metal through and through. Sure, you may hear one or two tracks from these bands that have a bounce feel, but that doesn’t make the band a groove metal band entirely.

DevilDriver, "Through the Depths" Music Video

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Let’s get into it, shall we? Here are some early groovers — let’s look back at the genre real quick. Of course this isn’t in depth, so let’s just scratch the surface...

Here’s 11 albums by who I personally consider groove bands, in no real fucking order.

DevilDriver's new album, 'Dealing With Demons Vol. II' is out May 12 on Napalm Records. Get your copy on CD or vinyl and follow the band on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

DevilDriver's Dez Fafara - My 11 Favorite Groove Metal Albums

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