Rock is dead? Disturbed think not and the good folks of Australia have given them good reason to do so. During a stop in Sydney, the band were presented with some platinum plaques by the Australian reps for Warner Bros., signifying some new sales accomplishments. Plus, they also enjoyed a moment in concert that shows their audience is still growing.

Prior to their show, the band received a platinum plaque for their current album Immortalized and a double platinum plaque for their monster single, "The Sound of Silence." They later shared this information with their Australian fans during the show in Sydney, all while making the acquaintance of a new fan in the crowd.

During the performance, David Draiman hopped offstage to speak to a woman he spotted at the front of the audience. Approaching the woman, he learned that her name was Adele and that she was at the show as an early birthday present ahead of her 55th birthday. "I think you're amazing, the whole lot of you," Adele told Draiman, adding, "When I get your CD, I'm going to put it right next to my John Denver and classic rock." That opened the door for Draiman to ask why she didn't have one yet, to which she revealed that her sons were unsuccessful at getting her a CD as they had been sold out.

As he returned to the stage, Draiman stated, "They say rock is dead right? What a hunk of horses--t that is. Here we have a new fan, an older fan, but she's rocking her ass off up her right up front." He went on to reveal the sales accomplishment to the cheering crowd, before concluding, "In an age where people aren't buying records, we're selling a s--t ton of 'em. So can we put this whole bulls--t rock is dead theory to rest now? Good. Because as long as you guys keep making these unbelievably powerful statements to the world, as long as you have this kind of passion, as long as you have this kind of love, rock and roll will live for f--king ever." After riling up the audience with his passionate speech, the band launched into "Voices" to get the show rocking again.

You can see footage of Draiman's interaction above, while a Facebook posting with the band receiving their platinum plaques can be viewed below.

Disturbed are in the midst of a tour through Australia and New Zealand, which will be their final shows of the year. After taking a well deserved breather for the holidays, the band will fire up the touring machine once more in early January, hitting the U.K. in January and Europe in February and March. Dates can be found here.

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