It’s Monday, which means a new episode of our animated Epic Rock Tales! In this tale, Disturbed’s David Draiman tells the story of how he was expelled from Yeshiva after a series of incidents.

This episode of Epic Rock Tales is taken from Part One of our ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ segment with David Draiman. On Wikipedia, it said Draiman was “asked to leave” Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study, but it didn’t say exactly why. Draiman’s story of what happened turned out to be stuff of legend.

Turns out Draiman was quite the troublemaker during his freshman year at the school. It wasn’t the supposed blowing up of a rabbi’s van, which the school was never able to prove, that got Draiman expelled. It was the fact that an issue of GQ was found under Draiman’s pillow.

However, Draiman suspects there was more to his suspension than the GQ magazine. Perhaps an incident where Draiman tossed a fellow student out of a second story window had something to do with it. After a senior got steamed that Draiman, a freshman, was lifting more than him, the student threw a 25-pound plate at David Draiman. This led to the senior taking a trip to the pavement below, resulting in a few broken bones.

Check out our exclusive animated clip of David Draiman’s getting expelled from Yeshiva, narrated by Draiman himself, in the video above!

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