While Axl Rose is considered difficult and a diva by many outsiders – like fans who wait for hours for the sometimes tardy perfectionist to take the stage or his former Guns N' Roses bandmates, like Slash- there is one person who exalts the enigmatic singer. It's guitarist DJ Ashba, who certainly has a unique perspective, as he works directly with Rose. Ashba has gone on record before to sing the praises of his boss, but this time he took it a step further, saying he'd take a bullet for Rose. That's dedication. Give the man a raise!

In a chat with Celebzter, Ashba defended his boss, saying, "He's actually very misunderstood by the media and people who don't know him. People like to assume s---. Now, granted, I can only speak for me, but truth is he is one of the funniest and coolest motherf---ers out there. I would take a bullet for him."

Ashba also agreed with Slash on something – the fact that the original GN'R lineup will never reunite. When asked what he thought of the top-hatted one's comments, he stated, "I would have to agree with him."

Ashba also recalled his craziest tour experiences, saying that "waking up drunk in the closet" and "sleeping in my suitcase" are two of his most vivid memories. Those don't sound comfortable ways to get some shut-eye.