Guns N’ Roses / Sixx: A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba is finally talking about the helicopter ride he took back in August 2013 that resulted in his engagement to his now wife Nathalia Henao, but also in the demotion and eventual resignation of the police captain who let them use a police department helicopter.

After news broke a few days ago that Metro Captain David O’Leary would be reinstated following a lengthy review, Ashba spoke out about the incident at length for the first time in an interview with KLAS-TV Las Vegas (watch above).

Ashba says, "Now that Dave and me have been cleared, and my wife, now it's time to speak. Now you know, 'cause I'm tired of being quiet.” While his wife added, “I felt horrible because it's supposed to be an amazing moment for us and somebody lost a job. A friend of us, like I was clueless and I couldn't believe it was happening.”

After the flight, Metro Captain O’Leary was demoted and eventually resigned from his job. Ashba says he’s very happy that almost two years later, the Captain has been exonerated. The musician said, "There's nobody more loyal and honest than him and that's why it was just horrifying what they were saying about us, you know. They made it seem like we, you know, jumped a fence at midnight and stole a helicopter...When you know you're innocent for almost two years, it couldn't be a better day.”

As for O'Leary's reinstatement, Metro police released a statement saying they disagree with the board's ruling and that they will appeal the decision. Ashba said he isn’t worried about an appeal, "He [O'Leary] loses his job because he did something out of the kindness of his heart. He did nothing wrong. We did nothing wrong. What are they gonna fight? Fight us."

Ashba and the rest of Sixx: A.M. recently finished their spring tour. Back in February, he stated that once that was complete Guns N' Roses would start working on their next album and organizing their next tour.

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