2016 saw the classic lineup of Dokken reunite for a sole U.S. performance and a brief tour of Japan. There has been talk since that a DVD is in the works, and in a new interview frontman Don Dokken offers more insight on what fans might expect and weighs in with his thoughts on whether there might any future for the classic lineup of the band.

While appearing on The Classic Metal Show (as heard in the player above), Dokken explained that the band's plans for a DVD didn't go exactly according to plan which has led to things taking a bit longer than expected. "We're almost 90 percent done with fixing some problems we had from ... 'Cause the problem was we were gonna do the DVD from the South Dakota show. We filmed it, we recorded it, there were technical problems, I wasn't crazy about some of the stuff we had on it," explained Dokken. "So then we went to Japan. We recorded that too and filmed it. So now I've decided to take the Japan recordings and the footage from the big Loud Park festival and mix it in with the DVD, with footage of Dakota and Japan, which is gonna be a lot more work. So now I have to mix two records. We have to do all the songs from Japan and all the songs from Dakota, so it turned into a double-duty project. But we're almost done."

The singer revealed that he's been working on the project with Jeff Pilson and that he recently spent time with Pilson wrapping up a new song called "It's Just Another Day." He added, "Jeff's done a great job. He's a great engineer." Dokken also revealed that there will be two other new-ish songs -- acoustic versions of "Heaven Sent" and "Will the Sun Rise?" -- and those two along with "It's Just Another Day" will be the bonus tracks for the DVD.

Though the classic lineup reunion went well, Dokken has maintained his desire to let the 2016 shows be it, as he's quite fond of his current Dokken lineup. He reiterated his thoughts during the interview pointing out that both George Lynch and Jeff Pilson have steady gigs that would make scheduling a bit difficult. But he also added, "I just really don't see the point of doing it; I just don't. I like the band I have. I understand the fans would like to see the original lineup, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: I like the band I have now, and I think we're better."

He continued, "I don't think I could do it. Five days in Japan was fine, three days of rehearsal. But I just can't see us doing a tour. I think there's so much personalities. We're all chilled out now, we're all mellow, I guess, but I just don't see what the point is. Why would I wanna do it? If it's just for money, no, I'm not gonna do it."

Concluding his thought, Dokken stated, "With the band I have now, that I've had for thirteen years, it's more of a family kind of thing, to be honest with you. We never were close in Dokken — everybody knows that. The infamous infighting and all that, and we just weren't close. There was too much drugs and alcohol and personality differences. But Jon [Levin] and I, we're like best friends, and Chris [McCarvil] comes out. We just have a lot of fun. We go to dinner, we hang out together. It's just very easy breezy, and I wouldn't want ... I have reservations of doing a tour with the original lineup and opening old wounds, let's put it that way. I don't need it."

In a past interview, guitarist George Lynch revealed that he would be open to doing more shows.

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