For those who were upset that the reunion of the classic Dokken lineup last year was limited to just a sole U.S. show and a handful of dates in Japan, you might have reason to hold out hope for more. During a chat with Eddie Trunk on Trunk Nation, guitarist George Lynch revealed that there are talks going on about doing something more with the classic Dokken lineup.

At the time of the reunion shows, leader Don Dokken was insistent on the dates being the only reunion gigs as he loved the Dokken lineup he currently had and also worried about some of the old wounds resurfacing during any lengthy commitment to playing as the core four. But the shows seemed to be well received by fans.

In his interview with Trunk, Lynch was asked if the idea of future shows with the classic Dokken lineup was "out of the question." The guitarist responded (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "Well, it's never completely out of the question. We are talking about doing something in 2018. I would love for it to happen."

He went on to reflect on the experience, stating, "It wasn't without its challenges. It's an interesting band. And I say 'interesting' in a… My wife's not a great cook. I mean, her food's interesting. I don't wanna insult her. I love her. She's trying hard. But the band definitely has an undeniable thing that people love, and we created some good music, and to see the fans' reaction was really great, and we did good business."

Lynch concluded, "I thought it worked on most levels. So I would like to continue to do more shows with the original Dokken." While he did express his desire to play more shows, he was reluctant to say anything further, explaining, "Well, I can't talk about it, but there is a little bit of something going on."

There reportedly is a DVD in the works capturing some of the reunion show footage, though no official release date has been set.

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