As we've seen over the years, there have been multiple lineups for the Misfits, but if guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has his way, the band's most well known collective will rock once more.

The guitarist told Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack in an Alternative Press interview that he wants to see onetime Misfits vocalist Glenn Danzig and the band's lone remaining original member -- bassist Jerry Only -- sharing stages together again. Doyle, who is Jerry Only's brother, joined the band in 1980 and was part of the group's classic lineup.

"I'm the only one that's gonna get the original lineup back together," explained Doyle. "So I think I'm going to work on that and hopefully I can pull the two bulls together and get them to f---ing stop." The guitarist added that he just decided this week that he was going to make an attempt to get the two sides together, adding, "I'll put what I'm doing right on the f---ing side. I'll go do it tomorrow."

Doyle reveals that he and Danzig and Only had meetings in 2002 about a possible reunion, but the plans fell through when the news leaked. "It didn't happen and it's a shame," he says. "It's stupid that we're not doing it. It would be huge."

In recent years, Doyle has regularly popped up at Danzig performances performing Misfits classics, while Only has kept the Misfits name going with guitarist Dez Cadena and drummer Eric 'Chupacabra' Arce filling out the group's most recent lineup.

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