Drowning Pool are back with a new frontman and a new album. 'Resilience' arrives in stores on Tuesday, April 9, with Jasen Moreno taking over lead vocals as the band's new singer. The group is off to a great start with the disc and they've decided to team with Loudwire to bring you a great new prize package based around their 'Resilience' album. Enter for a chance to win below.

By entering the contest, you could potentially win an autographed 'Resilience' CD, an awesome 'One Finger and a Fist' giant foam finger and a signed poster from Drowning Pool. That should get you completely psyched for the new record, and we're sure you've got some ideas as to how to use that foam finger.

Bassist Stevie Benton recently spoke with Loudwire about the band's 'Resilience' album, beginning with that title. He explained, "We were really searching for a while for a title that explains where we are now, what we’ve been through, but also didn’t turn its back on the past. ‘Resilience’ to me, it makes you look back on everything, everything you’ve been through and then finally focus on the point where you are now. Luckily for us we don’t sweat the small stuff, there’s nothing bad that could ever happen to this band that hasn’t already happened, that we haven’t already been through. You read stuff about bands having struggles and breaking up all the time but for us that’s just small stuff."

As for Moreno's arrival with the group, Benton says, "His songwriting and approach and just the natural tone of his voice, it’s much closer to what we had in the beginning with Dave [Williams]. We’re able to attack songs in more of a fashion like we did 10 years ago instead of going for a different voice and having to craft songs around something that’s foreign to us in the beginning."

The 'Resilience' album is currently available for order here. As for the Drowning Pool contest, it runs through May 5. To enter the contest, fill out the form below.