Scott Weiland’s behavior has been a little bizarre of late, with his off-tune performance in Texas and his interesting interview with a North Carolina radio station. So, it wasn’t a surprise that when news broke that Wildabouts drummer Joey Castillo was leaving the group’s tour. People originally thought there was a rift within the band and that Castillo's departure was permanent. However, that’s not the case.

In a statement from Weiland on Facebook, the frontman addresses the former Queens of the Stone Age drummer’s temporary exit from his group. “Just to clear up the confusion – Joey has NOT left the band. He is recording for a week with BL’AST and will meet back up with us on the 27th," Weiland writes. "I’ve known about this for months, hence lining up our friend Mike Avaneim to fill in.”

Reports of Castillo’s departure began after Weiland posted a photo on his Facebook page after their show in Lawrence, Kan. that was missing Castillo and instead showed drummer Mike Avaneim. Their Facebook fans quickly noticed the switch and expressed their concern in the comments section.

If Castillo's exit had in fact been permanent, this wouldn't have been the first member of the Wildabouts they'd have had to replace. Recently, the group was forced to find a new guitarist after Jeremy Brown, their original axeman unexpectedly died the day before the group's debut album, Blaster, came out. Last month, they added Australian musician Nick Maybury to their lineup to replace Brown.

Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts plus Mike Avaneim next play at the Rocklahoma music festival this weekend (May 23), they then head to San Antonio, Texas on the 24th. Castillo will be back with the group for their May 30 gig in Napa, Calif.

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