Van Halen recently announced the postponement of some upcoming dates in Japan after Eddie Van Halen underwent what is being described as emergency for the ailment diverticulitis, which is a condition found in the large intestine and can result in serious pain, as was the case for the Van Halen guitar legend.

While no further surgery is necessary, a lengthy recovery period will keep him from returning to the road right away. A new update from CNN that was posted on the Van Halen News Desk explains the situation in a bit more detail. According to the statement from a band rep, Van Halen began developing the condition out on the road and when the tour wrapped, he had a “serious flare-up.”

The flare-up resulted in the emergency surgery to remove his infected intestine, landing him in a three week stay at the hospital. The report also states that Van Halen contracted an infection after popping some stitches post-surgery. Once home, Van Halen will need to take it easy for up to six months before he can shred again.

Another post on VHND shows David Lee Roth in Japan sending his thoughts to Eddie, check it out here.

Here’s to wishing Eddie a speedy recovery!